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Sensy By The Sea  creates and sells sensory products  that provide  sensory input that many children  and adults with special needs crave. Whether it is visual or tactile,  these products  have the power to calm and soothe the individual allowing them to focus and attend better.  



We donate 10% of all sales  to non-profits for individuals with disabilities.

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Our products will not disappoint you. We believe in providing you with the best quality products available. Give the gift that makes a difference in the lives of families living with disabilities.


Dolphin Human Therapy provides children and adults with an opportunity to


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Our Story

Most of my favorite memories are from family vacations where I played in the ocean. Water seems to calm the mind and soothe the soul. We are constantly receiving input from all of our sensory channels. Weighted products help organize this information creating a calming feeling when you place it on your neck, shoulder, lap or simply snuggle with it. As a professional in the field of Special Education for over 30 yrs. I have witnessed many children with Learning Differences gain a sense of calmness and focus after using sensory products.      Dolphins are playful animals that travel in pods. They nurture their young much as humans do. Our desire is to provide you with a product that will give you and your family moments of enjoyment that will turn into some of your favorite memories. Ten percent of all of our sales go to non-profits for individuals with disabilities.

 Give the gift that makes a difference! 

Sensory Weighted Dolphin

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Sensory Weighted Dolphin



The Weighted Dolphin can be used during therapy, for travel or at home.



This Weighted product calms and soothes. It can be used as a lap pad or to simply cuddle with.

Travel with a sense of security and ease


Perfect size for Carry On bags.

Lightweight drawstring travel bag included.


Your Child's favorite snuggly friend!

Adorable blue gray 3lb pound weighted dolphin for families on the go. Travel bag and luxurious white magnetic box included. Use the box to store sensory toys or to store pictures of family vacations.